The spoils of Peru’s mines

Here is my latest article published in the Guardian:

Foreign demand for Peru’s abundant mineral resources has seen it ride out the global recession better than most. Yet, the revelation earlier this month that a Peruvian indigenous leader is considering joining the presidential race next April highlights the extent to which financial investment and exploitation of Amazon territory has become an increasingly polarising social and political issue in Peru.
Published on 31-08-10. Read on here

Catalan vote marks the end of an era


Here is my latest article published in the New Statesman:

Centuries of cultural tradition came to a dramatic close last week when Catalonia became the first region in Spain to vote in favour of banning bullfighting. In recent weeks political tensions have been high in Spain, following the constitutional court’s decision to negate Catalonia’s legal status as a nation. Although many will simply see the ban as an attempt to reassert Catalan identity, it has gone one step further in politicising one of Spain’s most culturally divisive traditions. Read on

Published on 02-08-10. Read on here

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