About me

I am a multimedia journalist with experience of writing breaking news and features, conducting filmed interviews and packaging podcasts. Originally from Northern Ireland, I studied Spanish and Russian at university and spent a considerable amount of time in Spain and Russia throughout my degree.

I regularly contribute articles on the legal, business and finance sectors and also cover geopolitics and human rights issues, with a particular focus on Russia and Latin America. I was shortlisted for the 2018 British Press Awards for my coverage of the migration crisis, corruption and data privacy and electoral law concerns

I’ve worked on the newsdesks of The LawyerMining Journal and Channel 4 News. Since August 2015 I have worked as a legal correspondent for the International Bar Association covering a diverse range of issues including corruption, doping scandals, non-disclosure agreements, trade disputes, Brexit, press freedom, the climate crisis and human rights and rule of law violations.

For examples of my work, please see the Portfolio section of this website. Find me on Twitter @ruthsgreen