About me

I am a journalist based in London, with a strong focus on Latin America, Iberia, Russia, Eastern Europe and the emerging markets. Originally from Northern Ireland, I studied Spanish and Russian at university and spent a considerable amount of time in Spain and Russia throughout my degree.

Since moving to London in 2008 I have built up a considerable freelance portfolio and my work has appeared in publications such as the Guardian, the New Statesman and Prospect.

In August 2011, I got married and changed my byline name from Collins to Green. I’ve spent time working on the newsdesks of The Lawyer and Mining Journal, writing news stories as well as features and analysis pieces.

In August 2015 I started working full-time as a senior reporter and multimedia journalist at the International Bar Association, where I’m covering a whole range of international issues with a legal slant. As well as print and online content IBA-Global Insight and The In-House Perspective , I’m also generating filmed content (hence multimedia!) and conducting interviews on camera. I’m looking forward to starting work on my first documentary soon.

For more information about my work, please see the Portfolio section of this website. Find me on Twitter @ruthsgreen